Table ronde – Denise Lombardi : « What is new about neo-shamanisms ? » – mardi 30 novembre 2021



Table ronde "What is New about Neo-Shamanisms ?", le mardi 30 novembre 2021 à 18H, organisée par le NAR- Anthropology of Religion/CRIA (, et l'ISARS-International Society for Academic Research on Shamanism (,


Présentation :

"The study of shamanism has always occupied a central position within the anthropology of religion; yet, despite its crucial practice and scholarly contributions, the study of so-called “neo-shamanism” has only gained traction in more recent years. Bringing together three promising scholars who are experts in the anthropological study of so-called “neo-shamanic” practices, this roundtable will reconsider and deconstruct the “neo” in the term “neo-shamanism(s)”, addressing questions that are critical, not only for the social scientific study of shamanisms and contemporary spirituality but, moreover, of the anthropology of religion in general, such as:

•           What is new about contemporary forms of shamanic practices?

•           Are boundaries between new and indigenous forms of shamanisms becoming more elastic?

•           What types of spiritual and therapeutic creativity characterize neoshamanisms?"


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