Mardi 26 janvier 2021 – Isabelle Charleux : « Miraculous Icons of Mongolia in the Modern Period (Late 16th-Early 20th Century) »


Isabelle Charleux a publié un article dans le volume 50 la revue Ars Orientalis, un numéro spécial intitulé "Miraculous image in East Asia". L'article, en anglais, s'intéresse aux représentations miraculeuses mongoles depuis la fin du 16e siècle à nos jours.


En voici le résumé :

"In Mongolia, as in other parts of Buddhist Asia, a few special images inspired devotees to undertake pilgrimages to worship them. These images often have a miraculous origin, are credited with volitional agency, and are said to perform miracles. They frequently became “tutelary deities” of local groups and played a role in the “Buddhist conquest” of Mongolia through the creation of pilgrimage sites. Some of them became palladia and were used as political tools in the formation of power, legitimacy of rule, and protection of human groups. By studying texts composed by high-ranking lamas as well as legends and tales from the sixteenth century to the present, this paper aims to understand what makes them so special, and how they gained their reputation. It will also ask whether there are specificities in the worship and understanding of images linked to ancestors’ cults and shamanist practices."


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« Miraculous Icons of Mongolia in the Modern Period (Late 16th-Early 20th Century) », Ars Orientalis 50, special issue on « Miraculous images in East Asia », numéro dirigé par Dorothy Wong, 2021. Paper issue??. Online issue:;rgn=main