Événement – Le GSRL accueille Nathalie Köhle


Le GSRL est heureux d'accueillir Nathalie Köhle, en tant que post-doctorante, du 22 novembre 2021 au 15 janvier 2022.

Aperçu de l’image

Natalie is a historian of Chinese medicine with comparative interests in the history of Indian and medieval Greco-Islamic medical traditions. She is also interested in processes of transcultural knowledge transfer; the history of traditional Chinese medicinal drugs; and Inner Asian and Sino-Tibetan history. She works on two book projects. One is on the anthropology and history of Donkey Hide Gelatin (ejiao 阿膠), a traditional Chinese drug that is currently produced and consumed in such amounts that it is impacting on the global survival of donkeys as a species. The other is on the global history of Chinese phlegm (tan 痰), a central concept in Chinese medical thought and practice that has received influences of Indian and Greco-Islamic traditions of medicine. Natalie received her PhD from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, in 2016 and spent 3 years as a postdoctoral researcher at Australian National University before joining Hong Kong Baptist University, where she works as assistant professor at the History Department. She recently published an experimental edited volume, Fluid Matter(s): A Cross-cultural Examination of the Imagination of the Humoral Body(co-edited with Shigehisa Kuriyama), which explores the potential of image-based, interactive storytelling for communicating research in the history of medicine.

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