Anne Dalles et Charles Mercier dans « Social Sciences and Missions » vol. 36 – avril 2023

Anne Dalles et Charles Mercier ont contribué au 36ème volume de la revue Social Sciences and Missions, numéro spécial sur le thème "Mapping the Field of Religion, Globalization and Youth Agency". La contribution d'Anne Dalles s'intitule "Mutual Influences in Orthodox Missions among the Nanai People in the Russian Far East", en voici le résumé  :   "Among the Nanai in the Russian Far-East, the Russian Orthodox Church has been conducting missions in two villages since 2011. In this article, I analyze the usage of Nanai iconography in the printed Gospel of Luke and of oral myths to tell the Nanai version of the Christian message. A specific Nanai Christianity is thus perceptible, rooted within shamanism, that is, the emic perception of powerful forces at play in the world, with whom humans are in constant negotiations. Based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the Amur region, this analysis will highlight the Indigenous agency in the appropriation of the Christian doctrine."   La contribution de Charles Mercier s'intitule "Young People, Globalization and Interfaith Advocacy", en voici le résumé :   "This article aims at understanding how, in a global era, young people have appropriated interreligious advocacy, through the study of the Interfaith Tour (IFT). This program, created in 2012 in France, aims to provide every two years four or five young people of different beliefs (atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish) with the opportunity to go a world tour, followed by a tour round France (to share the discoveries made during the trip with the French public). Most of IFT’s objectives overlap those of adult interreligious movements. The program seeks to convince that religious differences do not represent a threat, but a richness, and that they do not prevent people from cooperating for the common good. There are also more specific goals, such as the empowerment of youth, seen as an age group that is too often not well represented in the higher echelons of society and interreligious organizations. The originality of IFT’s advocacy lies in the means used, notably the intensive use of the resources of liberal globalization, even though the young people who participate in IFT have an ambivalent relationship with such liberal globalization."   Il co-signe également l'introduction du numéro avec Jean-Philippe Warren et Hillary Kaell Page de la contribution d'Anne Dalles : Page de la contribution de Charles Mercier :