21-22 avril 2016 – Acta Comparanda : « The Jehovah’s Witnesses in scholarly perspective: What is new in the scientific study of the movement? »

Subsidia III consists the papers of the Conference in April 21-22, 2016 about "The Jehovah’s Witnesses in scholarly perspective: What is new in the scientific study of the movement?" Introducing and Opening - Chris Vonck Welcome - Henri Rosenberg The Introduction programme - Régis Dericquebourg Keynote speaker: George D. Chryssides (York, St John University, UK) The Truth is out there –And How Jehovah’s Witnesses Find it. Session 1: Theology and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Miquel Angel Plazza Navas (CSIC, Spanish National Research Council, Barcelona) Music and Jehovah’s Witnesses: an historical approach to their hymnal and music practices.
  • Rolf J. Furuli (University of Oslo) The Mental Health of Jehovah’s witnesses.
  • Donald Raymond Jacobs (Independent Researcher) Unofficial Jehovah’s Witness Apologetics: The Rise and Fall of a Precarious Community.
  • Philippe Barbey (Paris 5 Descartes-Sorbonne) Jehovah’s Witnesses: Between Tradition and Modernity
Session 2: World perspective on the Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Willy Fautré (Human Right without Frontiers Int.) A History of The Jehovah’s Witnesses in Belgium.
  • Massimo Introvigne (Pontifical Salesian University, Turin, director of CESNUR) Jehovah’s Witnesses in Italy: A Story of Success and Controversies.
  • Gerhard Besier (Dir. Sigmund Neumann Inst. – Berlin,Dresden – prof. Stanford University Jehovah’s Witnesses in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) - 1949-1989
  • Ringvee Richter (Institute of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church) From Controversial Bible Students to respected Bible Translators? Some reflections on the reception of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Baltic States.
  • Tim Richter (University of South Africa) International Bible Students and Jehovah‘s Witnesses in the Australian Press (1896-1941).
  • Laurie Larvent (Faculté libre de Lille) Opposition to the Jehovah’s Witnesses: the Laymen’s home Missionary Movement.
  • Mouna Alghosayn Zaiter (Unversité Bordeaux Montaigne) The Jehovah’s Witnesses in Lebanon Today.
  • Bernard Blandre (Président-fondateur AEIRM, Sarreguemines). Russell, les adventistes et les premiers étudiants de la Bible.
  • Régis Dericquebourg (FVG & GSRL-CNRS Paris) The Rise of prophetism in an industrial society. Market rationality and the economy of charisma. A propos de Charles Taze Russell.
  Couverture de "Acta comparanda" Subsidia III
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